Kenan Niu

Kenan Niu

Assistant Professor

University of Twente, Netherlands

Dr. ir. Kenan Niu received the B.S. and M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering (Cum Laude), with specialization in medical image processing and surgical navigation in 2011 and 2013, respectively from the Northeastern University, China. He obtained the doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering in 02.2018, from University of Twente, the Netherlands. His PhD research focuses on Ultrasound based motion tracking for tracking real-time knee kinematics. From 03.2018 he worked as postdoc researcher in imec-Vision Lab, University of Antwerp, Belgium. Since 02.2019, he started to work as a postdoc researcher at Robot-Assisted Surgery group (RAS) at KU Leuven, Belgium. He has been working and managing several European and national funded research projects: (1)Researcher in ERC-advanced grant: BioMechTools, 2013-2018; (2) Software developer and researcher in Flemish government funded ICON project: DIASTOLE: 2018-2019; (3) Daily manager in Flemish government funded FWO project: Radar-Spine, 2020-2024. Dr. Kenan Niu’s research interests include orthopaedic surgical robotics, medical image processing, ultrasound imaging, surgical navigation and system integration, computer vision and biomechanical /statistical shape modelling.

  • Ultrasound Sensing
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Surgical navigation
Roles in FAROS
  • Member of the External Advisory Board