VideoSum: A Python Library for Surgical Video Summarization


The performance of deep learning (DL) algorithms is heavily influenced by the quantity and the quality of the annotated data. However, in Surgical Data Science, access to it is limited. It is thus unsurprising that substantial research efforts are made to develop methods aiming at mitigating the scarcity of annotated SDS data. In parallel, an increasing number of Computer Assisted Interventions (CAI) datasets are being released, although the scale of these remain limited. On these premises, data curation is becoming a key element of many SDS research endeavors. Surgical video datasets are demanding to curate and would benefit from dedicated support tools. In this work, we propose to summarize surgical videos into storyboards or collages of representative frames to ease visualization, annotation, and processing. Video summarization is well-established for natural images. However, state-of-the-art methods typically rely on models trained on human-made annotations, few methods have been evaluated on surgical videos, and the availability of software packages for the task is limited. We present videosum, an easy-to-use and open-source Python library to generate storyboards from surgical videos that contains a variety of unsupervised methods.

12th Conference on New Technologies for Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery