Special Issue on "Computer Vision and AI in Orthopedic Surgery" - Journal of Imaging

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  • Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 January 2024
Special Issue on 'Computer Vision and AI in Orthopedic Surgery' - Journal of Imaging
Special Issue on ‘Computer Vision and AI in Orthopedic Surgery’ - Journal of Imaging


Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are emerging as key technologies in computer-assisted orthopedic surgery and have recently led to breakthroughs in performance and autonomy. In the years ahead, these technologies will emerge as the most important lever to aim to improve quality, efficiency, and outcomes of surgical care. However, there are significant scientific and technical challenges that we need to overcome. In this Special Issue we call for original articles, review articles, concept papers, as well as preclinical and clinical studies that demonstrate the benefits and challenges of computer vision and AI in orthopedic surgery.

Aim The aim of this Special Issue is to showcase cutting-edge applications of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality in orthopedics such as surgical planning, surgical navigation, intraoperative decision making, surgical workflow analysis, surgical training, and robotic surgery. Our goal is to highlight how these technologies are shaping tomorrow’s orthopedic surgery and patient care.


The scope of the special issue includes research articles from the following technical research domains:

  • Surgical data science
  • Data acquisition and fusion
  • Segmentation and visualization of intraoperative image and video modalities
  • Spine surgery;
  • Machine learning (i.e., deep learning, reinforcement learning, generative models, transformers)
  • Synthetic data generation, Sim2Real
  • Robotics and smart instrumentation
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Shape and photorealistic scene reconstruction
  • Pose and tool tracking techniques
  • Human–machine collaboration
  • Real-time AI inference and decision making
  • Innovative user studies, pre-clinical or clinical investigations

An application in orthopedic surgery (open and arthroscopic) or closely related surgical fields must be clearly evident.

Guest Editors

Philipp Fürnstahl
Philipp Fürnstahl
Professor of Orthopedic Computer Science
Fabio Carrillo
Fabio Carrillo
Post-Doctoral Fellow