Philipp Fürnstahl

Philipp Fürnstahl

Professor of Orthopedic Computer Science

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Balgrist University Hospital, Switzerland

Philipp is a Professor of Orthopedic Computer Science at the University Hospital Balgrist, University of Zurich. He holds a double professorship from the Medical and the Faculty of Sciences. Philipp is head of the ROCS (Research in Orthopedic Computer Science) group and the Center of 3D planning and 3D printing, both located at the University Hospital Balgrist. His main research focus lies in improving musculoskeletal disorders through computer-aided surgery, particularly computer vision, Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence. His work on patient-specific instruments led to new surgical navigation solutions which are now used in hospitals across Europe. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Graz and obtained his PhD from the ETH Zurich in 2010.

  • Ethics & Regulatories
  • Computer-assisted Interventions and Medical Products
  • Functional Metrics
  • Validation
  • Vibro-acoustic Analysis
Roles in FAROS
  • Institutional Coordinator (University of Zurich and Balgrist University Hospital)
  • Ethics/Clinical Manager
  • WP4 Lead (Specification, System Design and Validation)