Release of eTaSL in the RTT-ROS2 ecosystem

The KU Leuven team is pleased to announce the alpha release of the eTaSL porting running in the ROS2-rtt ecosystem.

eTaSL is the implementation of a constraint-based control for robotic systems, developed by KU Leuven Rob group.

With eTaSL, you can specify the goal of your control directly in the target space (desired pose, force, distance, etc…) and an optimisation problem is automatically formulated and solved. This approach can be practically applied to any type of application where complex systems and/or sensor measurements are involved.

More info on eTaSL in the eTaSL home page

Check out also the video tutorials on youtube.

​eTaSL, thanks to OROCOS and its integration with ROS, can be deployed in a real-time system and interact with your ROS2 nodes.

The eTaSL-RTT-ROS2 code is available here.

Gianni Borghesan
Gianni Borghesan
Research Expert - Robot-Assisted Surgery and Robotics Groups
Emmanuel Vander Poorten
Emmanuel Vander Poorten
Associate Professor - Surgical Robotics, Haptic Interfacing, Medical Devices, Surgical Training